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App Development: Android Play Store Apps

The process of developing applications for the mobile devices such as gadgets and personal digital assistants. It is an act of creating mobile application using various platforms. The demand of mobile app development is increasing day by day which also creates various opportunities.

How do we help you to develop an Android Store App?

The basic driver of creating an application is the programming language. The other requirements are android software development kit, XML, SQL language, and, Knowledge. The version of creating android play store app must be version 8.0. The changes in version provides better security and enhance the overall experience of using android gadget. We have a team of experts who work closely with your business information and curate an app which is exactly loaded with features and services you cater to and can help them to sail towards growth.

The android apps requires the use of basic languages Java, Kotlin and C++ languages. The android codes are developed using android SDK tools. An archive file is created named as .apk suffix. This file contains all the data regarding the application. There is security sandbox provided in the Android application.

What Android features do we use as we create secure applications for your business?

It is a multi-user operating system in which apps are developed for different users. A unique Linux ID is assigned to each app developed using android play store.A user ID can be accessed by the various files of the developed application. In addition, there is a virtual machine for each application which operates separately from other apps. There is a separate Linux process for each app which is stored in the memory when app needs to be operational and process stops when it is terminated.

There are four components used for app development. These are named as activities, services, content providers and broadcast receivers. Users can interact with each other through the use of activities. Moreover, there is a cohesive experience of using multiple components at the same time. In addition, track an application of using the application comes under activity.

How can we help your business?

  • The development of application provides access for new publications without any review process. A review is a lengthy process which hampers the application.
  • An open platform is offered using android based applications. One can easily access the application using the android applications.
  • This is cost effective. Some of the android based applications are free and easy to operate. One can simply download the application from the play store.
  • Raw images can be saved using the application development.
  • There is an easy access to the android application market.
  • There is various applications available in android version used for Google cloud storage.
  • It is customized and have native integration with the options of cloud storage.
  • Android based apps are easy to use and it is an open source application.

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