Social Media Management

What is Social Media Management?

In the Internet era, the wave of getting promotions done via using online connections has become a trend. It is the way of dealing with your online connections and convert them as your customers over Social Media Handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social Media Management companies help you by simply presenting updates on your organization’s web based profiles. It likewise incorporates connecting with you with the group of people interested to take your services and searching for new chances to build reach and permeability. We at Techno Found understand that it is important to pick the right platform according to the business you are in, That is why we deal with all social media handles so that there is nothing which can stop you to convert visitors into profitable leads.

Here’s a short outline of the diverse stages and what benefits they can give your business:


Twitter has 328 million dynamic clients worldwide and will in general be the place clients go for news and patterns. This stage is perfect for brands that need to join a discussion about various trends and believe in bringing up a new trend. It’s additionally an incredible spot to influence people about a viral trend which is interesting to adapt.50% of users who log-in to twitter convert into business.


Instagram is an extraordinary web-based social networking channel for brands that are into business related to photography , or visual graphics. Instagram’s group of onlookers will be the youth along with having  more female clients than male clients. This can be an incredible stage for organizations having business related to fashion, lifestyle accessories, Photography and Apparels.


YouTube has turned into the second biggest web index on the planet, second just to Google. You can transfer your video substance to this channel to help draw in and interface with your group of onlookers. With boundless video facilitating, your business can post as much video content as you need and offer through different channels.


LinkedIn is the internet based life stage for B2B brands that are focused on organizations in various businesses. With LinkedIn, you can discover, connect, and share content with individuals dependent on the organization type, industry, or gauge into the designation a particular person serve and connect.


Facebook has almost 2 million dynamic clients who originate from various industry and register themselves on this popular handle. This makes it an incredible social stage for organizations that are attempting to reach millions at once.


Pinterest is another incredible channel for sharing photos. This has turned into an absolute necessity for buyers who are keen on selling DIY, home enhancement products, Food Products, Wellness Items, and are Start-ups in the same origin.

How we help you?

We at Techno Found, can help you to bring real business by doing the following activities on all social media handles:

  • Creating and Posting Profiles with a brief about your business
  • Responding to Queries, Fans, and Follow-backs
  • Posting Engaging information, so that you always remain on Google’s first page.
  • Creating Ad posts to advert your strategy and products
  • Throwing Contests, Events and Giveaways
  • Build the backbone for your Brand Promotion
  • Convert Visitors to Customers

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